” ” The Day Of Aashura ” “

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmath Ullahi Wa Barkatahu


The Day Of Aashura

(10th Muharam )

& Historical Events

Although The Month Of Muharram is A Sacred Month As A Whole,

The 10th Of Muharram is The Most Sacred Among All its Days.

The Day is Named ‘Aashurah’.

It is One Of The Most important And Blessed Days Of Allah Ta’ala in The Islamic Calendar.This Day Has Been Accepted As Having Deep Significance.Evidence Of its Significance Has Been Clearly Found in Authentic Traditions.

There Are Many Prophetic Events Of Great Historical importance And Also Events That Happened After The Beloved And Final Messenger Of Allah (peace be upon him) Had Left This World,Such As The Battle Of Karbala,That Have Taken Place On This Day.

The importance Of The Month Of Muharram Has Been Mentioned in The Qur’aan in Surah Taubah Verse 36. This Day Of Aashura Derives its importance From Prophetic Traditions.

In The Ahadeeth

(sayings of Rasulullah sallallaho alaihe wassallam)

The following Have Been Mentioned :

” Fasting “

The Prophet Muhammad(Sallallahu-Alaihe Wasallam) Has Exhorted And Encouraged His Ummah To fast On This Day. He said:

” This Fast is A Compensation For The (minor) Sins Of The Past Year “

( Hadith : Muslim )

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),When Migrated To Madinah,Found That The Jews Of Madinah Used To Fast On The 10th Day Of Muharram.They Said That it Was The Day On Which The Prophet Musa (Moses), Alaihe Salam, And His Followers Crossed The Red Sea Miraculously And The Pharaoh Was Drowned in its Waters. On Hearing This From The Jews, The Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam, Said,

“ We Are More Closely Rotated To Musa, Alaihi Salam, Than You, ”

…And Directed The Muslims To Fast On The Day Of ‘Ashura’.

( Hadith-Abu Dawood)

” Observe The Fast Of Aashura And Oppose The Jews.Fast A Day Before it Or A Day After.”

(Hadith : Baihaqi)

Hence, it is important To Either Fast On The Ninth And The Tenth


The Tenth And The Eleventh Of Muharram.


To Fast Only On The Day Of Aashora is Makrooh (undesirable).


One should be generous on one’s family and dependants and spend more on them than what is normally spent.

Rasulullah ( Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wasallam) said :


” One Who Generously Spends On His Family On The Day Of Aashora, Allah Will increase (his provision) For The Whole Year.”

( Hadith : Baihaqi )


There is No Doubt On The Blessedness Of The The Day Of Aashura.Many Historical Events Of Deep Significance Have Also Been Recorded On This Day.

Hazrat Musa (AS) And His People,

The Bani Israel, Were Saved From The Egyptian Pharaoh By The Miracle Of The Parting Of The Sea On The Day Of Ashura. It Was For This Reason That The Jews Used To Fast On This Day.

The Tragic Battle Of Karbala Was Also Fought On This Day. This Event Has Many important Lessons For The Ummah (Muslim Nation) Especially At This Point in Time When The Ummah is Being Maliciously Targeted And Persecuted just Because Of Their Attachment And Love For Islam-

The Religion Of Truth.


Rembr Me In Ur Prays

Ikram Cheema


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