i am a Muslim Alhamdulillah

Asslam O Alikum to all Muslim

dear Muslim Sisters please Must read

I AM A MUSLIMAH! ALHAMDULILLAH!  ✿✿✿´´¯`•.¸¸.✿✿´´¯`•.¸¸.✿✿✿   I am a Muslimah! And I see the world from behind this veil! The life of this world is a ‘cage’ for me as I can’t bypass the boundaries set for me by my Lord. Yet, I view my self as  the most ‘free’. Strange are the matters of a believer. There are those who claim to be totally free from divine injunctions; in my eyes they are slaves of the self, social customs and worldly traditions. Isn’t it the real FREEDOM to have no God beside Allah to worship? No Social and Worldly traditions to drive you? A simple way to life: “Follow Allah and His Messenger “.

  This is what sets me free from the slavery of this dunya, and lifts me to the Most High! I am free because I follow only One True God! I am a Muslimah, a complete slave of ALLAH!   ✿”I am a Muslim Woman✿   I see things from the view of Islam-the way ALLAH has selected for me! This is what defines my actions, my thoughts, my motivations, my vision and my life. For me nothing goes out of Islam, and nothing out of Islam, bothers me so long. AlhamduLILLAH!   I am not afraid of anyone but Him, I am not bound to anyone, but Him, I am not to please anyone, but Him, I am not to do anything, but what He wants me to do, I do not have to follow anyone, but His Prophet (sallallahu alahi wasallam). I am free in a different way. Love of ALLAH drives my life, and love of ALLAH describes it. For it is true that the one you love is the only one you want to pleased, I do not have to please anyone except Him, thus His love is what I strive for, and this is what defines my vision and way of life.  ✿” And [yet], among the people are those who take other than Allah as equals [to Him]. They love them as they [should] love Allah. But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah”.✿  [Surah Al Baqarah 2:165]  


Quran and hadees teach us about the perpetual life.this life is external life and we all don’t know when it’s will be END but perpetual life which means”life after death”is eternal.we are all prepare their exams before result and fear for facing bad result we all do study day and night,same way external life is the preparation of Judgement day means result day so please think what we are all doing for our Judgment day that is everybody have to face.   Please join our islamic group Life4islam We Share DAILY DESIGNED HADEES , QURANIC AYAT , DUAS, AND ISLAMIC INFORMATION AND ARTICLES. We are running this page to spread more islamic knowledge with people around the world http://www.facebook.com/groups/158347234255180/

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So encourage others to do Good and refrain from bad Deeds and please remember me in your prayers Your brother in Islam

Ikram Cheema


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