Asslam O Alikum to all Muslim

when “MOMIN” recite the “kalma”.he will sold in the hand of ALLAH.and now his relation with ALLAH is “ABID” and “MABOD”means servant and boss. we owe to GOD with our life and thjis life is not our so that we can spend our life according to our own way neither we own goods which we can spen according to our will.we have given our whole life to Almighty reward GOD will bestow us heaven as it was promised to us.the much you wil do in life will be rewarded in trade in the life here after.

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“Aao Lout chalain apne “RAB” ki taraf….!!”



 So encourage others to do Good and refrain from bad Deeds and please remember me in your prayers  Your brother in Islam

Ikram Cheema


By lifeforislam

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