” ” Death ” “

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmath Ullahi Wa Barkatahu




Death ::

A Realtiy Everyone Has To Face


Death is One Of The Few Things in Life Certain To Occur This is A One Hundred Percent Certainty.


Almighty Allah says in the Quran:


Every Soul is To Taste Death And Then To Us


You Shall Be Returned.


[Surah Ankabut Chapter 29 : Verse 57]


Say: ‘The Death From Which You Are Fleeing is Bound To Catch Up With You.


Then You Will Be Returned To (the Lord) Who Knows The Unseen And The Seen.


So He Will inform You Of What You Used To Do.


►(Surah al-Jumu‘a Chapter 62 : Verse 8)

After years of hard work, a student succeeds in entering the university, yet may die on the way to class. Or someone who has recently been hired for a job may lose his life on his first morning commute to his work. A traffic accident may end the lives of a newly married couple on their wedding day. A successful businessman may prefer to fly to save time, and his life may end in an unexpected way.
Leaving behind plans doomed to remain unfinished for all eternity, they head for a point of no return—and yet it is a destination they never planned for. Ironically, for years, they spent too much time detailing plans which would never be put into operation, yet never gave a thought to the one certain thing—death—that would happen.
How then should a man of wisdom and conscience establish his priorities? Does he have to make his plans for the one thing certain to happen?
for something unlikely to happen?
Some people give priority to goals which they can never be certain of accomplishing. No matter which phase of life they are passing through, they resolutely plan for a better and more fulfilling future.This tendency would be quite rational, if man was immortal. Yet the fact remains that all plans are doomed to that absolute end, called death.
Thus it is irrational to disregard death, which is certain to occur, and devote all one’s attention to all those things which may or may not materialize.


Rember Me In Ur Prayers

Ikram Cheema


Jazak Allah Khair

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