” ” Hijab is Not A Piece Of Cloth ” ” HIJAAB 1 Part

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmath Ullahi Wa Barkatahu flower-b.gif
Hijab is not a piece of cloth
on your head Just Because Some Of The Sisters Have Their Head Covered, They Think That The Tequirement Of Hijaab is Fulfilled. They Don’t Realize That Wearing A Hijaab Requires Much More Than Just Covering Your Head.Actually, if You Think About it, Hijaab is The Way You Talk….. The Way You Walk…. The Very Way You Carry Yourself. In fact, Hijaab is An Attitude in itself. Its A Whole Way Of Life.
Allaah Says:
” And Say To The Believing Women To Lower Their Gazes, And To Guard Their Private Parts, And Not To Display Their Beauty (zeenah) Except What is Apparent Of it, And To Extend Their Headcoverings (khimars) To Cover Their Bosoms (jaybs), And Not To Display Their Beauty Except To Their Husbands, Or Their Fathers, Or Their Husband’s Fathers, Or Their Sons, Or Their Husband’s Sons, Or Their Brothers, Or Their Brothers’ Sons, Or Their Sisters’ Sons, Or Their Womenfolk, Or What Their Right Hands Rule (slaves), Or The followers From The Men Who Do Not Feel Sexual Desire, Or The Small Children To Whom The Nakedness Of Women is Not Apparent, And Not To Strike Their Feet (on the ground) So As To Make Known What They Hide Of Their Adornments. And Turn in Repentance To Allah Together, O You Believers, in Order That You Are Successful.” (Surat-un-Nur: 31).
Here Are Some Of The More Common issues in Light Of This Verse About The Hijaab.

Well, My Head is Covered. What More Do You Want ?

If You Look Carefully At The Ayah,
it Clearly States That The Head Covers (khumur) Should Be Drawn Over The Neck Slits (juyoob). Khumur is The Plural Of The Arabic Word ” khimar ” Which Means A Headcover. Juyoob is The Plural Of The Arabic Word ” jaiyb “, Which Refers To The Neck Slit (of the dress).

Yet, Some Sisters Just Cover Their Head With Something, And Think They Are Fulfilling The Rights Of Hijaab, Although Part Of Their Hair Or Body is Showing, Or Their Whole Neck And Chest Area Are Exposed. Actually, That Was The Way Of The Women Of Jahilliyah.

Al-Qurtubi Said: “ Women in Those Days Used To Cover Their Heads With The Khimar, Throwing its Ends Upon Their Backs. This Left The Neck And The Upper Part Of The Chest Bare, Along With The Ears. Then Allah Commanded Them To Cover Those Parts With The Khimar.”
So Secure The Scarf Well Around Your Face, Covering Your Neck / Chest Area, And Keep Those Half Sleeves And Capri Pants For Your Mahrams

Sorry.…Tight Jeans And Short Shirt Just Don’t Cut it

You Can’t Wear Tight Jeans And A Short Shirt With A Piece Of Cloth On Your Head And Think This is Hijaab. Nor Can You Wear Anything Else That is Tight, Describing The Shape Of The Body in Any Way, Even if it is Long. The Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) Said :

” In Later (generations) Of My Ummah There Will Be Women Who Will Be Dressed But Naked. On Top Of Their Heads (what looks) Like Camel Humps. They Will Not Enter into Paradise Or (even) Get A Smell Of it.” (Muslim)

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Jazak Allah Khair

Our Lord! grant us good in this world
and good in the hereafter,
and save us from the chastisement of the fire


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