2. Surah Al-Baqarah : Ayah 152


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

As Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuh!


Al Qur’anic Mail [The Best Guide Al-Qur’an]

[2. Surah Al-Baqarah : Ayah 152]
“Therefore remember Me, I will remember you,
and be thankful to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me.”


We are Witnesses over you


[10. Surah Yunus : Ayah 61]



(O Prophet! Sall’Allahu alaihi wasallam) Whatever you may be engaged in, whether you recite any portion of the Qur’an, or whatever else all of you (mankind) are doing, We are witnesses to whatever you may be occupied with. Not even an atom’s weight escapes your Lord on the earth or in the heaven, nor is there anything smaller or bigger than that, except that it is on record in a Clear Book.


The purpose of the statement is to console the Prophet (Sall’Allahu alaihi wasallam) and to warn his enemies.

On the one hand, the Prophet (Sall’Allahu alaihi wasallam) is being reassured that the resoluteness, diligence and perseverance which characterize his efforts in preaching the truth and attempting to reform people is well known to Allah.

It can hardly be conceived that after entrusting to the Prophet (Sall’Allahu alaihi wasallam) a perilous task that Allah would leave him alone, unassisted.

Allah knows full well all what the Prophet (Sall’Allahu alaihi wasallam) does, and is also well aware of how others behave towards him.

At the same time what is being said also constitutes a warning to the Prophet’s opponents.

If they obstruct the efforts of the Messenger of the truth, of one engaged in reforming mankind out of sincerity and goodwill, there is no reason for them to assume that no one is observing their deeds, or that they will never be called to account.

They ought to take heed for all their deeds are being duly recorded on the Divine Scroll.

Alahumma infa`ni bima `allamtani wa `allamni ma yanfa`uni!

OH ALLAH! Make useful for me what You taught me
and teach me knowledge that will be useful to me!

Please take a moment to forgive me for all mistakes
and make du`a’ for me if you have received anything of benefit.

Jazak Allahu khairan !!!

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