Keep away from all those different sects (Urdu/English)
B i s m i l l a h i r R a h m a n i r R a h e e m


Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuh!


Narrated Hudhaifa bin Al-Yaman (Radi-Allah-Anhu):
The people used to ask Allah’s Apostle
(Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam) about good,
but I used to ask him about evil
for fear that it might overtake me.

Once I asked,
“O Allah’s Apostle! (Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam)
We were in ignorance and in evil
and Allah has bestowed upon us the present good;
will there by any evil after this good?”

He (Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam) said, “Yes.”

I asked, “Will there be good after that evil?”

He (Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam) said,
“Yes, but it would be tained with Dakhan (i.e. Little evil).”

I asked, “What will its Dakhan be?”

He (Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam) said,
“There will be some people who will lead (people)
according to principles other than my tradition.
You will see their actions and disapprove of them.”

I said, “Will there by any evil after that good?”

He (Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam) said,

“Yes, there will be some people
who will invite others to the doors of hell,
and whoever accepts their invitation to it
will be thrown in it (by them).”

I said,
“O Allah’s Apostle! (Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam)
Describe those people to us.”

He (Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam) said,

“They will belong to us and speak our language”

I asked,
“What do you order me to do
if such a thing should take place in my life?”

He (Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam) said,

“Adhere to the group of Muslims and their Chief.”

I asked,
“If there is neither a group (of Muslims)
nor a chief (what shall I do)?”

He (Sal-Allahu-Alleihi-Wasallam) said,

“Keep away from all those different sects,
even if you had to bite (i.e. eat) the root of a tree,
till you meet Allah while you are still in that state.”

(Sahih Bukhari ~ Book #56, Hadith #803)


Our Lord! grant us good in this world

and good in the hereafter,
and save us from the chastisement of the fire

“Aao Lout chalain apne “RAB” ki taraf….!!”

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