Duas for studying/exames




Duas for studying/exames

From what I understand, there are no reports in the Sunnah
which suggest that there are specific duas to be read for
exams/studying. Nevertheless, there are several Quranic verses
and duas from Ahadith which can be used during times of
difficulty – and we all know how stressful exams can be.

You do not have to use the verses/duas provided here, instead
you can use any use other dua to help you during your time of
need, and it does not necessarily mean that you have to restrict
the use of these supplications for examinations only, rather you
can use them whenever you are faced with a problem or difficulty

Before studying you could say: * (see note below)

اللهم انفعني بما علمتني وعلمني ما ينفعني اللهم اني أسألك
فهم النبيين وحفظ المرسلين المقربين اللهم اجعل لساني عامرا
بذكرك وقلبي بخشيتك انك على ما تشاء قدير وأنت حسبنا الله
ونعم الوكيل

Allahumma infa’ni bima ‘allamtani wa’allimni ma yanfa’
u-ni. Allahumma inni as-aluka fahman-nabiyyeen wa hifdhal
mursaleen al-muqarrabeen. Allahumma ij’al lesaane ‘aamiran
bi dhikrika wa qalbi bi khashyatika. Innaka ‘ala ma-tashaa-u
qadeer wa anta hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakeel.

O Allah! Make me benefit from that which You have taught
me and teach me knowledge that will be useful to me.
O Allah! I ask You for the understanding of the Prophets
and the memory of the Messengers, and those nearest to You.
O Allah! Make my tongue full of Your remembrance and my
heart with consciousness of You. O Allah! You do whatever You
wish, and You are our availer and protector and best of aid.

While studying something difficult, or for any other difficulty that you are facing:

اللَّهُمَّ لا سَهْلَ إِلاَّ ما جَعَلْتَهُ سَهْلاً، وأنْتَ تَجْعَلُ الحَزْنَ إذَا شِئْتَ سَهْلاً
Allahumma laa sahla il-laa maa ja’altahu sahla, wa anta taj’alul hazana idha shi’ta sahla.

O Allah! Nothing is easy except that which You have made easy. And if You wish, You can make the hardship/difficulty easy. (الفتوحات الربانية)

After studying you could say: * (see note below)

اللهم اني أستودعك ما قرأت وما حفظت فرده علي عند حاجتي إليه انك على ما تشاء قدير وأنت حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

Allahumma inni as-tawdi ‘uka ma qara’-tu wa ma hafidh-tu. Fa-ruddu-hu ‘allaya ‘inda ‘haajati ilayhi. Innaka ‘ala ma tashaa-u qadeer wa anta hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakeel.

O Allah! I entrust You with what which I have read and memorised (studied). O Allah! Bring it back to me when I am in need of it. O Allah! You do whatever You wish, You Allah are our availer and protector and the best of aid.

Here are some beautiful and hugely beneficial duas that you can also use Inshaallah:

1,أني مغلوب فانتتصر

Anni maghloobun fantasir
O my Lord, I am overpowered (overwhelmed). So help me. (54:10)

2, حسبنا الله ونعم الوکیل

Hasbunallaah wa ni’mal wakeel
Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us! Most excellent is He in Whom we trust! (3:173)

3, سبحانك لا علم لنا إلا ما علمتنا إنك أنت العليم الحكيم

Subhaanaka la ‘ilma lana il-la ma ‘allamtana innaka antal ‘aleemul hakeem
Glory be to You, we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. Verily, it is You, the All-Knower, the All-Wise. (2:32)

4, اللهم اني اسألك العفو والعافيه

Innee as aluka al-‘afwa wal-‘aafiyah
O Allah, I ask You for forgiveness and well being (in examinations, memory, concentration, wealth, family etc). (Abu Dawood)

* These appear to be general duas and I do not know if they are from Ahadith. Nevertheless, I think the most important thing here is not the actual dua, but the importance of turning to Allah alone and asking Him for guidance and help at all times. You do not have to read these duas, but you may find it beneficial on a personal basis, or if you are unsure of what to ask for in you duas you could use it as a ‘template’ (guide) for making your own duas Inshaallah.


Our Lord! grant us good in this world

and good in the hereafter,
and save us from the chastisement of the fire

“Aao Lout chalain apne “RAB” ki taraf….!!”

Allah Hu Akbar
n Darood-e-pak

Aap Sabki Duaoun Ka Talib

Ikram Cheema

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